Slope Racing 3D

Feel the adrenaline rush in Slope Racing 3D! Slow down on dynamic tracks and defy gravity as you race to reach the farthest distance.

Slope Racing 3D offers a beautiful neon world with an uncontrollable rolling challenge. You will maneuver your ball at breakneck speed, rolling across building rooftops. The magical city contains a series of unknown dangers. Let's figure out how to keep the ball going as far as possible. Don't forget to collect sparkling gems to unlock awesome features.

Slope Racing 3D is a game of speed and reflexes. In this game, players can see extremely diverse obstacles and barriers. Red blocks, steep terrain, narrow paths, or even gaps can all lead to defeat. However, the characteristics of the ball in this game will stimulate your spirit for repeated challenges. There is not too much free rolling that makes the movement complicated, and with each turn of the joystick, your ball rolls extremely stably. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with this moving feature to ensure the most accurate navigation.

Explore the Stunning Features

  • The graphics with neon colors are simple, but the fast pace of the rounds can cause dizziness.
  • The main entity's movement characteristics make it easier to control (compared to other similar games).
  • You shouldn't miss the items in Slope Racing 3D's in-game shop. In the round, you can use gems to purchase buffs that support the main entity. Besides, players can also unlock other types of balls, such as soccer balls, volleyball balls, tennis balls, even the Earth, and so on.

Navigate Your Ball

You use the left and right arrows to direct the ball's movement. Pay attention to the speed bumps to take advantage of when you want to cross a large space.

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