Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D

Can you survive the challenging course in Death Run 3D? Race against the clock and overcome obstacles to reach the finish line in this intense running game.

Death Run 3D is an obstacle course game with a realistic first-person perspective. You will seem to rush into an endless tunnel with constant dangers. Even the most professional players will feel challenged when experiencing these neon roads. This is a high-speed game that requires excellent improvisation skills. You will not have much time to carefully analyze the terrain because you cannot control the speed during the round. The only way is to look ahead at the main track as quickly as possible and find a way to get through spectacularly.

How To Play

Game Modes

Players can participate in four game modes with different obstacle characteristics. You can choose Maelstrom with complex fixed cubes. Or try Superluminal with its dangerous curves. The rounds with Hyper challenge of each mode are constantly moving barriers. The challenge also comes from the diverse terrain designs after each replay. Because you can't know in advance what dangers await, you only have to practice to get used to them. Death Run 3D will only record your score. Can you overcome your own limits?

How to Play

With the unique terrain in this skill game, you need to improvise quickly. Use the arrow keys to direct your vision through the gaps next to obstacles to overcome.

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