Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run

Play Rooftop Run to become a parkour master! Leap across rooftops, dodge obstacles, and escape capture in this exhilarating rooftop chase.

Rooftop Run is an action game in the obstacle course genre, taking you on a dramatic adventure on high-rise rooftops. With impressive 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, this game promises to bring you thrilling and exciting moments of entertainment.

The game not only requires flexible control skills but also quick reflexes and high concentration to overcome challenging obstacles. You will not be able to control the character's breakneck speed, so don't let your guard down. At the same time, Rooftop Run's first-person perspective feature also makes your gameplay more thrilling.

Gameplay and Controls

Your goal in this game is to overcome complex platforms on the roofs of tall buildings. At the same time, you need to navigate the character to avoid waiting for opponents and dangerous spaces. If the character collides with an obstacle or falls to the street below, you will lose. Levels will open continuously as soon as you successfully reach the finish line in the previous round.

To control the character, hold down and move the mouse in the desired direction. Watch out for the jumping platforms so your runner can land on a distant platform.

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