Moviedle is an exciting game inspired by Wordle, but with a twist focused on movies. In this game, players watch brief snippets of film scenes and try to guess the corresponding movie. If you're a movie enthusiast who can quickly recognize films from just a single frame or scene, Moviedle is perfect for you. Unlike traditional word-based games, Moviedle challenges players to pay close attention to visual cues.

How To Play

In Moviedle, your first guess will be based on just one second of movie footage. Yes, the entire film flashes on the screen in a rapid succession of approximately 10 clips per second. The goal is to identify the movie of the day by its title.

You have six attempts to guess correctly before failing, and with each new try, the pace slows down a bit. As long as you haven't identified the correct movie title, Moviedle will add more seconds of footage for you to analyze. The hint clips gradually increase until the sixth turn, where they become six seconds long.

Just like Wordle, there is only one Moviedle challenge each day. If you find yourself stuck, you have the option to skip until you think you know the answer. It's important to note that the clips cannot be paused or replayed, so stay focused when you hit play!