You have six lines of letters to work with in order to determine the correct expression of the day. When you type an English word correctly, the color of the line changes to green. On the other hand, the expected word's letters are similar, but they are ordered in a different order if the color is yellow. After each season of conjecture, the colors of the tiles gradually change to show how close you are to the right answer. The game nearly reminds you of other games where the goal is to find the final key and eliminate the supplied numbers.

Guess-the-Word Gameplay

The connection point of the game consists of 30 different squares that are arranged as a table with 6 lines, 5 sections, and tiles of various letters underneath. Six words can be entered using the given letters. Because of this, you can use the first five words to deduce the letters' places and find clues about their letters. When players correctly predict the result of the last opportunity, the game's color changes entirely to green.

Challenge in other Word Games

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