Just Click The Button

Just Click The Button

Click away to unlock achievements and discover surprises in a straightforward game, Just Click The Button. How many times do you need to pass a level?

Just Click The Button is a engaging clicker game with creative gameplay and unpredictable levels. You can only know what challenges you will encounter when you unlock these appealing rounds. To get started, click the A button on the home screen. Then, in each round, letter buttons will appear simultaneously or in alphabetical order. Your task is to move the small arrow to the location of these buttons and click on them. Remember to follow the alphabetical order rule for correct navigation.

The creativity in this game is in the puzzles in the levels. You may encounter obstructing walls or unusual transitions in the arrow. It's all just to add a little more difficulty to the game. Refresh and upgrade your Clicker game collection with Just Click The Button. This game promises to feature unexpected feelings of satisfaction.

Move and Click

To perform operations in this game, you just need to move the mouse to the buttons and click on them. Most challenges will actually begin when you click on the letter A. Quickly grasp the rules of that level to successfully complete the mission.

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