Coreball Game

Join Coreball Game and show off your flair and classy positioning skills! How many levels can you conquer with this appealing clicker game?

Coreball Game is a dramatic and challenging ball-shooting game. In this clicker game, you will need to shoot balls at a central ball without letting them collide with each other. This is not just an ordinary ball-shooting game, but also a seemingly simple but extremely interesting and exciting experience! Every shot is an opportunity for you to show off your skill and flair. Calculate and shape your actions correctly to avoid collisions and win.

How To Play

The Detailed Gameplay

Coreball Game is also a challenge for your intelligence and concentration. There are thousands of levels, with difficulty ranging from basic to almost impossible to overcome. In each round, you will receive a random number of balls. Your task is to choose a position for them to stand on the large, rotating ball in the center. The balls are not allowed to collide with each other, including objects available in the big circle. The target's rotation speed will also change. Your goal is to complete shooting all the balls into the center; don't mind the time. Players can freely choose where to place the ball, as long as no entities collide with each other.

Shoot the Balls

You just need to click on any point on the screen to shoot the ball. Take turns until the ball runs out, then you win, or if there is a collision, the level will start again.

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