Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker

Join Beggar Clicker to become a won billionaire in the virtual world with just empty hands. You will not need to prepare anything before participating in this game. Everything that can help you make money and become rich is available in Beggar Clicker. Ready? Start your journey to getting rich now!

How To Play

Grasp Numerous Tasks

On the streets of this virtual space, you can participate in many activities to make money. Your character, an anonymous beggar named Bobby, is trying to ask for aid from people to improve his life. Suddenly, one day, Bobby read a newspaper article about a billionaire and wanted to become one. Unexpectedly, a sum of money appeared in the tattered bag and served as a premise for the endless experiences that followed.

You can click on the character to generate money. Once you have saved a certain amount, participate in diverse activities to keep the money growing. You can hire assistants, invest in real estate, start a business, and do other recreational activities. So, how to quickly turn a character into a billionaire?

How to Optimize Time to Be Rich

  • Upgrade regularly. In general, the investments in this game are not too expensive, so fully unlocking the upgrades can make the results better quickly.
  • Use the Speed ​​Up feature to increase your earning speed for a certain period of time.
  • Balance expenses and income to optimize profits.

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