Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker transports you into a captivating candy-filled world. Engage in non-stop clicking on the available candies to generate a plethora of unique confections. Unlock a wide array of enticing items throughout the game to enhance your sweet adventure.

How To Play

In Candy Clicker, the number of candy points you generate per second gradually increases over time. Your current candy count is displayed at the top of the screen. As you accumulate points, you will be prompted to unlock helpful items that boost your candy production and unlock further items.

Discover the following items in the game:

  1. Cursor: Unlock this item for 25 candies. The cursor automatically clicks after each turn, aiding in candy generation.
  2. Auto Candy: Unlock this item for 100 candies. It produces 1 candy automatically every second.
  3. Candy Farm: Unlock this item for 500 candies. It yields 10 candies automatically every second.
  4. Candy Mine: Unlock this item for 6.5K candies. It generates 100 candies automatically every second.

Additionally, the game features a shop with numerous valuable items. Immerse yourself in the delightful graphical transformations and explore the rewarding gameplay of this idle clicker experience.


  • Colorful and enticing visuals.
  • Various types of candies and treats to unlock. 
  • Unlock special power-ups and bonuses.