Become Jacksmith's ultimate blacksmith hero! Let’s craft legendary weapons, arm your devoted fighters, and vanquish waves of adversaries.

Jacksmith will transform your "cooking" experiences in the Papa's Louie universe with a completely new gameplay. Instead of delicious dishes, your mission in this game is to create powerful weapons for animal warriors. Playing as a professional blacksmith, what will you do to upgrade your shop? First, start receiving orders from customers. Then, please comply with these requirements to receive bonuses and tips. Each character that comes to your shop will have different requirements and the price depends on the quality of the final product.

Ready to enter the world of heroic warriors and the best weapons. You will be the one who creates swords or bows with extremely destructive power. With rare materials in stock, create the products that best suit your customers and upgrade your furnace.

How To Play

The Diverse “Menu”

In Jacksmith, you can explore the warehouse system with diverse materials. Aside from that, players can meet legendary creatures in their own Bestiary collection. Furthermore, your achievements are also listed very clearly in the "Badges" section, with more attractive rewards.

Craft the Weapons

You use the mouse to perform all operations in this game. The first is to choose the type of weapon to make. Then, process and assemble each type of item appropriately to create the most ideal product.

Comparable Games

Jacksmith's gameplay is similar to Papa's Louie's cooking games. You can explore this marvelous series with savory dishes like Hotdoggeria or Pizzaeria. Also, don't forget to challenge yourself with games with great weapons, such as 1v1 Battle or Fortnite Unblocked.