Iron Snout 2

Iron Snout 2

Get ready for thrilling pig vs. wolf fights in Iron Snout 2! Become legendary fighters with your martial skills to punch, kick, and combo to defeat enemies.

With non-stop threats, Iron Snout 2 will push you into fierce combat in the jungle. You will play the role of a brave pig warrior fighting against vicious wolves. It seems that this scary enemy has been hungry for a long time and wants to "eat" your cute character. Do everything you can to train the pig to become a great warrior and deliver deadly attacks. Each turn you play, the pig will have a certain strength index. You need to preserve these precious lives to defeat as many wolves as possible. Each of your achievements in Iron Snout 2 is meaningful and provides a worthy reward.

How To Play

Unlock the Diversity

Get ready to unlock the unique variety of this game with a trophy system and trendy character skins. You can customize your character to become a tycoon, a warrior, a football player, or even characters in other famous games.

Another great feature that makes Iron Snout 2 a game worth trying is the variety of game modes. You can try Classic mode to get used to it, then explore 1HP, 100 Wolves, and 1v1 Ball modes to fully enjoy this interesting jungle battle. Each game mode will have unique rules that challenge the player's improvisational ability.

Control Your Soldier

You use the arrow keys to change direction and attack the character. Instead of continuously counterattacking, pay attention to the necessary evasive actions to limit direct contact with the formidable wolf wave.

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