Blood Tournament

Blood Tournament

Enter the jungle battlefield of Blood Tournament and enjoy the battle in your own way. Collect weapons and destroy opponents to become a formidable warrior!

Blood Tournament will take you to a two-player battle with unique duels. This game requires the player's agility when using weapons and terrain to attack opponents. You maneuver your character to go around a limited jungle environment. Unlock secret boxes to collect a variety of weapons and fight. Note that your warrior can only hold one weapon at a time. If you want to change, you need to throw away or use all the power of your current tool. Both characters can open boxes on their opponent's side of the field.

In Blood Tournament, there are no limits to the ultimate battles. Pay attention to taking advantage of designs in the terrain to dodge attacks and counterattack appropriately. You need to completely destroy your opponent to score points and continue to the next round. Scores in matches will be displayed right on the screen so you can easily follow. Quick operations and flexible tactical changes are extremely important. You need to master the character control keys to have the most complete experience. Lost in the battle in a closed space, only professionals can become the number one warrior!

Control Your Character

  • Player 1 (the left character): Use the set of keys WASD to move and press the F key to attack.
  • Player 2 (the right character): Use the arrow keys to move and press the “,” key to attack.

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