Granny 2: Asylum Horror House

Granny 2: Asylum Horror House

Let Granny 2: Asylum Horror House challenge your bravery in the surreal environment of a dark virtual world. Let’s escape from the eerie house!

Granny 2: Asylum Horror House is an action game that combines horror elements, sure to make you startled every moment. You will play the role of a soldier locked in the dark area of Granny, a character with an old and hideous face. Your mission is to find ways to escape this suffocating confinement.

Step into the Eerie House of Granny

In a closed and haunted environment, you will have to search for important clues to determine the location of the exit or how to deal with Granny. However, be careful, because this virtual enemy has extremely sharp ears and can hear every sound, even the smallest. This requires you to maneuver the character carefully; each step must be very gentle to avoid being detected.

In cases of direct confrontation, use weapons or every possible attack to repel Granny's pursuit. Tension and suspense will always surround you when every decision and action can determine your survival.


The command-key system in this game is not difficult, but because there are many activities, you still need to pay attention. Players open the Controls section on the game homepage to learn about these complex keys.

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