Granny is a great online arcade horror game in which you must find your way out of Grandma's old rooms and passageways. Just watch out for spooky Granny, who hates disobedient kids, finding out you're sneaking out. It won't be simple because the nasty grandmother has keen hearing. She will therefore come running over if she hears you making a disturbance. Every time Granny or one of her traps catches you, you'll lose a day and wake up in bed the next evening. Just keep in mind that you only have five days to get away!


  • Action = Escape
  • Move = [W], [A], [S], [D]
  • Crouch/Stand = [C]
  • Hide/Unhide = [R]
  • Pickup/Interact = [E]
  • Shoot = Left click
  • Spray = Left click
  • Drop = Space
  • Remove bear traps/Place/Use = [F]

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