Barry's Schoolhouse Escape

Barry's Schoolhouse Escape

Barry’s Schoolhouse Escape: Find your way out! Solve puzzles, avoid traps, and outsmart Barry as you attempt to escape from the schoolhouse.

Barry's Schoolhouse Escape is a challenging and thrilling survival horror game. In this game, you will have to find a way to escape the haunted school of Barry, a scary teacher, by solving puzzles and avoiding getting caught.

To start the game, choose one of two modes: Story Mode or Endless Mode. In Story Mode, you must collect all seven notebooks and solve math puzzles while avoiding Barry's pursuit. Each answer will make Barry angrier, increasing the difficulty and danger. Complete missions and find your way out of the arena to win. Don't forget to put your survival to the test by seeing how long you can last in Endless Mode. Try to collect as many notebooks as possible while avoiding hazards to get the highest score before you get caught.

The Unique Features

  • Pixel graphics with images can distract you more or less.
  • Horror exploration gameplay combined with education makes Barry's Schoolhouse Escape different in the gaming world.
  • A series of valuable items with diverse features appear to support players.

How to Control

  • Mouse: look around.
  • Look behind: the spacebar.
  • Arrow or WASD keys: move.
  • Interact: the left mouse button.
  • Select item: scroll wheel or number buttons.
  • Run: the left Shift.
  • Jump In Playtimes: space bar.

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