Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer

Join Amanda and her loyal companion, Wooly, on exciting adventures across our amazing world! Explore new episodes filled with interactive fun, laughter, and valuable learning. Each episode offers plenty of enjoyment, but be sure to follow Amanda's instructions carefully to keep her happy. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure full of joy, exploration, and valuable lessons!

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How To Play

Welcome to Amanda the Adventurer, where you'll find yourself in a cluttered attic, searching for something special. Among the scattered objects, you discover three dusty videotapes labeled as children's TV shows. Curiosity takes hold as you decide to play the tapes and delve into the world of the show. But something unexpected happens...

Help Amanda Escape the Game!

The TV show magically comes to life, and Amanda, the main character, starts interacting with you. She needs your help to break free from the show's confines. As her trusted friend and assistant, you'll assist Amanda in solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. Get ready for a unique and slightly eerie gameplay experience as you join Amanda on her quest to reach her ultimate goal. Let the adventure begin!