Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry Dash Blast Processing is an Insane Level rated 8 stars. This level introduces exciting 3D embellishments that enhance the overall visual experience. It also showcases the wave shape in long and uninterrupted sequences, adding a new layer of challenge to the gameplay.

How To Play

Secret Coins

There are three hidden coins in Blast Processing that players can collect to boost their progress. 

  1. The first coin can be found at 52% and is obtained while in wave form. Players need to enter the third enormous diamond after passing through the dual portal to acquire this coin.
  2. The second secret coin is located at 69% and is accessed while in UFO mode. To obtain it, players must navigate through the "mouth" of the third major barrier towards the ground, shortly after passing under the second large face obstacle.
  3. At 86%, players can collect the third hidden coin while in ship form. They will encounter cubes with icicle-shaped spikes, except for the third cube which features artificial spikes. To obtain the coin, players need to maintain a low altitude and slide beneath the obstruction.


Interestingly, Blast Processing introduces artificial slopes to players as part of collecting the first hidden coin. However, these slopes are not fully showcased until the Theory of Everything 2 level.

It's worth noting that Blast Processing is not named after its Newgrounds song, which is titled "-BlastProcess-" there. However, in other contexts, the song is commonly referred to as "Blast Processing."

Level Issues

There are two notable issues in this level that players should be aware of:

  1. The first issue occurs after the twin wave section. If players bypass the deactivation dual portal, the second cube part will start upside-down just before the dual wave transforms back into a normal wave. However, players can still complete the level using this method by quickly jumping after entering the cube portal and leaping over the blocks, ultimately returning to the main path.
  2. The second issue arises immediately after the first ball segment, when players re-enter the wave form. If players tap or click right after entering the wave portal, they will skip the gravity portal and utilize anti-gravity to navigate through the wave section, dual wave, and part of the subsequent cube section.