Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing

Get ready for a bouncing and bumping ride in Funny Mad Racing! Master wacky tracks, defy gravity, and race to the finish line in this quirky driving game!

Funny Mad Racing will push you into breathtaking racing tracks like never before. Get ready to sit in an off-road car in the virtual world and tighten the seat belt. You will enter entertaining times full of drama but also extremely fun.

To start the game, you can choose one of two game modes: single-player or two-player. In single-player mode, players will perform missions through increasingly difficult levels. You control your vehicle to the finish line without overturning or being thrown off the main track. If you participate in two-player mode, you must reach the finish line first to unlock the next level.

The Unique Gameplay

More than just driving, Funny Mad Racing is also physics-based driving. You need to control the car's balance well to be able to move smoothly. Besides, segments with slopes and holes will need to gain momentum to have the strength to overcome them. Anyway, you can try many strategies until you complete the level.

Maneuver the Off-Road Car

You use the arrow keys or WASD to control your off-road vehicle, specifically:

  • [↑] or [W]: go straight and accelerate.
  • [↓] or [S]: reduce speed and go reverse.
  • [←] or [A]: lean backward (to the left).
  • [→] or [D]: lean forward (to the right).

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