Let’s expand your experience in the familiar sandbox world with Eaglercraft. Build your own epic kingdom and defend against invaders.

Eaglercraft invites you to go on a journey in an expansive sandbox world with special characters. Have you ever known the game Minecraft with its endlessly engaging experiences of building, exploring, creating, and expanding? Then let's refresh these iconic "quests" with characters from the Five Nights at Winston's universe. You can meet Long Arms, Weird Climber, Laxative Dude, and many more characters. What would it be like if these two popular game themes are combined? Only you can discover it yourself when you join Eaglercraft now!

Let's Explore the Opening Platform

You can do everything in this open world. Create your first designs and buildings with the available stone blocks. You can then mine resources from sources on this lush green platform. The experience is endless, and you can build anything you want.

This is a first-person game and has some main command keys:

  • Camera: move the mouse.
  • Move: the arrow or WASD keys.
  • Jump: the spacebar.
  • Use item: the left-click.
  • Remove item: the right-click.
  • Inventory: the E key.
  • Chat: the T key.

To Expand Your Virtual Empire

You can participate in two main game modes: single-player or multiplayer. Each game mode has three mini modes, including survival, creative, and hardcore. Let's experience it all one by one to have the most complete entertainment.

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