Armor Clash

Experience intense tank battles in Armor Clash and challenge your strategic abilities. Let’s fight impressively for awesome upgrades!

Armor Clash will challenge your strategic abilities with dramatic combat gameplay. You will play the role of an army commander with powerful fighters. The goal is to create the strongest fighting army and defeat the enemy commander. To have eye-catching and overwhelming battles, understanding the properties of each type of vehicle is extremely important. In addition, players need to carefully observe the objects used by opponents to have countermeasures. You need a squad with equal or overwhelming strength to increase your chances of winning.

Each round of Armor Clash will be a real battle with intense competition. With each victory, you will receive bonuses and upgrade your fighters. Gamers can track clearly annotated indicators for each vehicle in the Upgrade inventory to have the most effective strategies. Note that, in addition to diversifying the types of tanks, you can accumulate in-game money to buy many types of high-end fighters. The effectiveness of the round depends on the tactics and fighting power of each object. Are you confident that you will become a talented military leader and destroy all opponents?

How to Play

When you start the round, you will have a system of objects available on the field and some in the inventory. The player's mission is to drag and drop the tanks to positions on the field. You can only place objects in a limited area of the field, not too close to the opponent's commander.

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