Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble will tests your skills in driving tanks and launching missiles in a maze-like battlefield. Battle against cunning army generals and face off against the formidable war master, Laika, in Solo mode. For an even more intense experience, challenge your friends in multiplayer warfare.

Stay on the lookout for special items that can give you an advantage, such as rockets, scatter bombs, and a double cannon. Be cautious and prevent missiles from bouncing off walls, as they can harm your own tank. Prepare for action-packed tank battles in Tank Trouble!

How To Play

Play in Solo Mode

To play in Solo mode, use the arrow keys to control your tank and press the spacebar to shoot. Navigate through the maze, locate your enemies, and strategically fire your cannon from a safe position before they target you.

Play in Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, the controls vary depending on the player:

  • Player 1: Drive using the "WASD" keys and shoot with "Q".
  • Player 2: Control movement using the arrow keys and shoot with the spacebar.
  • Player 3: Utilize the mouse for both driving and shooting.
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