Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a fun action game like Fall Guys. Up to 32 players can join and compete in one match. You'll face challenges and try to be the last survivor to win.

You can join other racing games like Fall Guys or Fall Beans to experience the same challenge with Stumble Guys.

How To Play

The game begins with 32 players, but only 16 will advance to the next round. To be one of the 16, you must start running as soon as the timer hits 1. Each round gets harder with different challenges, some of which eliminate players. If you want to win, you have to survive those challenges. After the first round, there will be 8 players left for the final round, where they compete to determine the winner.

Tips to Improve Your Stumble Guys Gameplay

Before playing, you can watch gameplay videos on YouTube to learn about the challenges and get more experience. However, this may spoil the surprise for first-time players.

Double-jumping is a useful move that can help you slide forward or avoid obstacles. However, it doesn't work in muddy areas.

Don't rush blindly. Sometimes, it's better to avoid crowded areas and take a different route. It might be longer but safer. Similarly, if there's a muddy section, consider going around it instead of going through it. It's usually easier that way.

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