Stick Run

Stick Run: Run & Jump through tunnels! Help the lost Stickman navigate mysterious environments. Explore or run endlessly, unlock characters, and have fun! Stick Run is a game that will challenge your reflexes and running skills. You'll take control of a lost Stickman, one of a group that's stranded in a network of floating tunnels! Stick Run offers two exciting ways to play. In Explore Mode, you'll embark on a journey of discovery, venturing through new tunnels and uncovering hidden areas. As you explore, you might even unlock new playable Stickman characters, each with their own unique look!

If you're looking for an endless challenge, jump into Infinite Mode. Here, the thrill never stops! The environment is always changing, keeping you on your toes. You'll be on a continuous run, collecting gold scattered throughout the tunnels. This gold is your key to unlocking even more Stickman characters and keeping your run going. But be careful! One wrong step, and you'll tumble out of the tunnel, forcing you to start again. Are you ready to test your skills and help these lost Stickman find their way home?

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