Run Away 3

Run Away 3

Escape the infinite maze in Run Away 3! Dash through tunnels, jump over gaps, and avoid falling into the abyss in this thrilling endless runner game.

Run Away 3 will thrust you into a space journey with beautiful graphics of sparkling stars. You will play the role of an adorable little alien on his way to search for treasures in outer space. This breathtaking and promising journey will immerse you in no time. Fasten your seat belt tightly and prepare yourself for unexpected turns. Can you master every situation and become the number-one adventurer?

The Stunning Game Modes

This game has two game modes: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. In Explore Mode, you will perform missions through each level. That is, you will have breaks between courses that have obvious differences in platform design and arrangement. Of course, each level will be fixed, and you can participate multiple times until it is completed.

Infinite Mode of Run Away 3 is a run without stops. That means victory will happen when you surpass your own record. The challenges in this mode are somewhat more severe, as each time you play, the map design will change.

The rewards you accumulate after each round will be the key to discovering cool skins for your character. Become the owner of this entire majestic collection!

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