Rolling Ball 3D

Rolling Ball 3D

In Rolling Ball 3D, let’s roll like a pro! You have to tilt, dodge, and race your way to the top in this thrilling and lively adventure.

Rolling Ball 3D is a sliding and obstacle course experience that will train your improvisation and amazing navigation skills. Not only is it an entertaining game, but this challenge also helps players improve their ability to concentrate. You will maneuver a rolling ball continuously so you cannot be negligent. This object will slide at a certain speed depending on the steep terrain on skyscraper rooftops. Besides, the speed bumps also make the pace of the round more dizzying.

Not only does it depend on the physics of the ball, but you also have to face tricky obstacles. The blocks and short tunnels that appear unpredictably throughout each segment will make you dizzy. In addition, the terrain on the rooftops is also extremely diverse and constantly changing. If you don't quickly analyze the path ahead, the ball can easily lose direction and fall onto the road.

How To Play

The Marvelous In-Game Shop

The appeal of Rolling Ball 3D also stems from a great in-game shop. Here, you can use the gems you have accumulated to buy items. This store has two types of items: accessibility and ball skins. With accessibility, you can use shields, gem magnets, or double achievements. Furthermore, refresh your game with a variety of balls, from sports balls to other unique shapes.

Control Your Ball

To navigate your ball, use the left and right arrow keys. Note that in some segments, you need to use the acceleration ramp to reach the next platform.

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