Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower

Embark on the breathtaking journey of Pizza Tower and test your sense of adventure. Pass through all the dungeons and conquer the tower now!

Pizza Tower will push you on a journey of no return in the suffocating basements. You will play the role of a shy chef named Peppino. The player's task is to explore the floors in a pizza tower one by one. Each location has diverse dangers, such as obstacles, enemies, and bosses. This breathtaking adventure game will be a great entertainment choice for those who love the platform genre.

The Attractive Plot

The game is set in a small town with a pizza shop that owns a famous recipe, Peppino's pizza shop. This reputation was accidentally heard by a giant skeleton. This hideous creature decided to steal that recipe sheet and start building a pizza tower. Discovering that his efforts were taken away, Chef Peppino decided to set out to get the recipe back.

Gameplay and Controls

You control the character to collect ingredients to complete a delicious pizza. At the same time, courageously rush straight into enemies to destroy them. Your character has more class power than you think. Therefore, be confident in every journey you experience with Pizza Tower.

Your character can dash, perform mach runs, and perform super jumps. To control this chef, use the following command keys:

  • [←] and [→]: Move and ladder.
  • [↑]: Enter the door.
  • The Z key: Jump.
  • The X key: Charge.
  • [Z] + [↑]: Highjump.
  • [Z] + [↓]: Freefall.

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