VEX Challenges

VEX Challenges

Take on the ultimate platforming test in VEX Challenges! Can you overcome intricate levels filled with obstacles, traps, and challenges?

VEX Challenges will take stickman challenges in the Vex series to a new level. It's no longer a challenge with maps full of complex obstacles, but a race against time. The player will control a stick figure pure god of adventure. Your character is only allowed to land on non-spike surfaces. Your goal is to try to collect all three stars and reach the finish line in ten seconds.

Let’s Start the Thrilling Adventure

The heart-pounding journey in VEX Challenges will challenge even the most seasoned players. Not only lightning speed, you also need sharp eyes to quickly detect a safe moving position for your stickman. Players can participate in two game modes: normal or challenge mode.

In normal mode, you will take turns performing challenges through levels that you can observe before designing. Each time a new level is unlocked, players can review the round's map in the introduction. Meanwhile, challenge mode will take you on a non-stop adventure. There are still levels in normal mode but you will not have time to rest between levels. When there is a problem in any round, the achievement will be counted.

Control the Stickman

You just need to use the familiar arrow keys to control the stickman in this game.

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