Muse Dash

Let the live music of Muse Dash lead your rounds in your own style! Enjoy innovative music games and expand your interesting entertainment options!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant electronic world of Muse Dash, where music and rhythm meet in exhilarating chaos! In this rhythm-based action game, players take control of anime characters as they run through colorful levels filled with obstacles and musical notes. With a cute art style and vibrant animations, each level feels like a journey through a colorful musical world. Furthermore, the game offers a diverse range of music tracks to keep players entertained and continuously interested.

Muse Dash's gameplay is simple yet addictive, where you guide the main character through levels by jumping over obstacles and hitting musical notes in sync with the rhythm. Success depends on accuracy and quick reflexes, as mistimed moves can lead to health loss or level failure. Along the way, collect support items and unlock new characters to enhance your achievements. In addition, don't forget about the cute companions called Elfins that add charm and bonuses to your journey. It's a musical adventure that's easy to pick up but hard to put down!

How to Play

To navigate your pretty muse, you just need to use the key combinations W and D. Pay attention to aligning the key press time to conserve energy for the character.

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