Four Colors

Four Colors

Four Colors is a popular online card game that combines elements of strategy and luck. The objective of the game is to be the first player to empty their hand of cards while preventing opponents from doing the same.

How To Play

In Four Colors, players take turns playing cards of the same color or value as the card on the discard pile. If a player is unable to make a valid move, they must draw a card from the deck. Special action cards, such as Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two, can be played to disrupt opponents or gain an advantage. The game continues until one player successfully gets rid of all their cards.


Controls in Four Colors are typically mouse-based. Players can click on the card they wish to play or the draw pile to draw a card. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Pay attention to opponents' moves.
  • Save action cards for crucial moments.
  • Prioritize getting rid of high-value cards.