Football Stars

Football Stars

Unleash your inner soccer genius with Football Stars! This sports-themed game will take you to the most dramatic matches. Get ready to be the champion!

Football Stars opens a competitive but equally attractive season in the virtual world with unexpected changes. You will be the player on this gaming football team and need to try your best to compete for the prestigious championship trophy. The experiences in this sports game will make you forget the fatigue after stressful working hours. If you are a passionate fan of soccer, then you should try this game now!

How To Play

Understand the Game Rules

  • The characters in this special soccer match are not soccer players, but Bollywood actors.
  • You will control your character to compete solo against other opponents.
  • Your task is to score more goals than your opponent within the time limit.
  • The amount of bonus received will be commensurate with your top performance.
  • To own new characters in Football Stars, you need to accumulate enough bonuses.
  • In addition, players can also customize outfits for their actors to express their unique personalities.

How to Control

The character's movement characteristics are a bit difficult to control. You need to practice a lot to master key operations. The command keys in this game are:

  • The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys: move.
  • The UP arrow: to jump up.
  • The A key: the high shot.
  • The D key: the sliding shot.

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