Backyard Baseball

Gather your team of neighborhood kids with Backyard Baseball and hit the diamond for some backyard entertainment. Can you make numerous great home runs?

Backyard Baseball is where you will enter a completely different baseball game. This is not just a sports game but also a journey of memories filled with exciting backyard afternoons. You will lead a team of neighborhood boys and girls, from beginners to those with natural talents. Each match is not only an opportunity to show off skills but also an opportunity to learn and create memorable experiences. You also should try Doodle Baseball and Baseball 9 to unlock more thrilling and dramatic sporty matches.

How To Play

Grasp the Sporty Gameplay

This game is simple but no less interesting. You will control your players in each turn, trying to get the highest score possible. Also, it must be noted that your number of failures is limited, so play carefully and cautiously!

Backyard Baseball has two main game modes: Single Game (single game, spectator, and batting practice) and Season Play. However, let’s try in the following order:

  • You can try the practice mode to get used to the gameplay and controls.
  • Then, jump into quick games to improve your skills with CPU competition.
  • Next, start your journey to conquer the championship cup with dramatic knockout matches of the game season.
  • And don't forget to take a break as a spectator in spectator mode.

How to Slam the Ball

Remember that each character on your team will have their own abilities. Hold down the mouse to adjust the direction and force of the ball, then release to execute.

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