Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball: Swing for the fences! Step up to the plate, hit home runs, and dominate the diamond in this doodle-inspired baseball game.

Doodle Baseball will challenge your concentration, judgment, and keystrokes. Players will enter a dramatic baseball tournament with adorable characters. Your task is to accurately align the pitcher's throws to prevent them. In each turn, players are allowed up to three strikes. Each character will be replaced after successfully blocking the ball. Your score depends on the effectiveness of your character's shots. Doodle Baseball requires observation skills and accurate key press timing. Can you hit a series of satisfying home runs with your level of play?

Hold the bat and be ready for each shot. You'll need to react quickly to hit each ball and score points for your team. However, don't stop there; try to reach higher score milestones and win against the strongest opponents! The main entities on your team can change the blocking side. However, there is not too much difference. Just adjust your swing time correctly, and let these special players take care of the rest!

How to Play

You need to pay attention to observe the direction and flight characteristics of the throw from the pitcher. Quickly identify the characteristics of the ball's path and choose the exact moment to click the club icon on the screen. The shots take place similarly, with tricky and diverse balls.

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