Experience the thrill of, a fun-filled 2D side-scrolling game that allows you to unleash your basketball skills with crazy stunts and amazing shots. Get ready to embark on an exciting basketball adventure like never before! 

How To Play

Unlock and play with twelve legendary basketball characters in the game. Win matches to unlock additional characters and enhance your gameplay experience. The objective is to be the first to score 15 points in each round. Achieve three consecutive scores to activate a burning power-up, granting increased speed and stability for your shots. Enjoy the thrilling action and strive for victory with your upgraded characters.

Game Modes

BasketBros offers various exciting modes for you to enjoy:

  • Engage in a single-player game mode and challenge a tough CPU player.
  • Have a thrilling two-player match against your friend on the same computer.
  • Create a game room as a host and invite someone online to join you.
  • Join your friend's game room and play together online.