Fill The Battery

Power up your gaming experience in the electrifying puzzle game, Fill The Battery! Strategically refill your battery with energy orbs as soon as possible!

Fill The Battery challenges master brains with endlessly engaging puzzle gameplay. Energy sources are gradually depleted and you need to do everything you can to refill them. In this game, players will focus on generating infinite energy for the power source. Each round will be a brain-hacking puzzle that requires you to find a satisfactory solution. Your task is to adjust the navigation blocks so that energy can reach the battery drives. Fill The Battery’s levels will continuously open as you complete the previous level. Additionally, if you have trouble with a certain level, you can skip it by watching a short ad.

Get ready to recharge with analytical skills and a never-give-up spirit. You need to diversify different strategies to find the most effective solution. There are no limits on attempts. You can make multiple rotations until you win. Rounds with two batteries will require more skill. First, you need to find the charging direction, and then adjust the navigation block. Only you know how many enjoyable rounds you can have in this challenge of constantly progressing and exploring.

How to play

First, click on each capacitor (if there are many) to determine the direction. This energy source only travels horizontally and vertically. After the energy touches any block, click on that block if you need to rotate it. Same with other related blocks and capacitors.

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