Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

In the exciting and super fun adventure game Doodle Jump, you must jump from one platform to the next. Avoid obstacles by shooting or dodging, and collect tons of fantastic power-ups. The goal of Doodle Jump is to control and guide Doodler, a four-legged critter that resembles a doodle. You will guide Doodler to move up and jump to an infinite number of platforms without tumbling. Remember that Doodle Jump has no definitive end. Each gameplay session ends when the Doodler falls to the bottom of the screen and then jumps onto a monster that just so happens to be nearby.

How to Control

  • When playing Doodle Jump on your phone, tilt it to move left or right and tap the screen to shoot.
  • When playing Doodle Jump on a PC, use the right and left arrows to move left or right and the up arrow or the mouse to shoot.

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