Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball

Participate in the endless experiences of Doodle Basketball and prove your elite slam dunk ability. Get ready to become an ultimate champion!

Doodle Basketball welcomes you to practice sessions under harsh but no less appealing hours. If you are a passionate basketball player, you should definitely try this sports game. You will be responsible for scoring points with direct throws. Even though you don't have to face any opponents, the challenges of each throw can make you dizzy. How to align a ball line correctly? It all depends on your ability and practice efforts.

How To Play

Gameplay and Controls

Your target in Doodle Basketball is to score the most points within the round's time limit. Hold down the mouse to adjust the force of the character's ball-throwing. Pay attention to the color of the ball; the darker the color, the stronger the throw will be. After that, you just need to release your hands to take the turn and wait for the results.

The number of balls in stock is limitless, so feel free to try many different alignment forces to check. Don't worry, because there isn't any physics throughout the ball's flight. Unless it touches the basket, inertia can cause the ball to change its main direction of travel.

Tips and Tricks

  • Create as many tests as possible.
  • Maintain the click once there has been a successful test.
  • Pay attention to the time to gradually improve your scores.

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