Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket: Bat like a pro, bowl with precision, and catch like a champion! This action-packed cricket game will have you hooked on wickets.

Doodle Cricket will offer you the most thrilling plays in professional baseball matches. Lost in the world of cute animals, what challenges will you have? Your goal is to control the main character to block every ball from the opposing team's pitcher. You will make consecutive blocks until there is a strike, then the round ends. Your score depends on the number of turns the two small players run while the ball rolls. A brilliant home run will take six, the absolute point. We will only record your final score if it surpasses your previous record.

This stunning sports game requires observation skills and quick improvisation. You will not be able to know the direction and strength of the throw until the ball officially flies. Since there is only a short time to analyze the situation, it is extremely important to stay focused. Don't forget that practicing many times always brings positive results for your next play!

Explore the delightful features

  • Doodle Cricket is a combination of sports gameplay and adorable animals.
  • You can share your results with the worldwide community of players to compare and try.
  • The simple approach and rules can keep you immersed for hours with amazing shots.

How to play

Gamers just need to click on the stick icon next to the character to take their turn. Pay attention to the properties of each ball path, such as straight ball, fast ball, spin ball, and so on, to have the most reasonable alignment.

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