Cut The Rope

Enjoy hours of fun with Cut The Rope! Use your problem-solving skills and meet adorable characters in this engaging physics-based game.

Cut The Rope will test your tactical abilities with this enjoyable physics-based puzzle game. You will meet Om Nom, a small creature with a hungry stomach. Your mission is to help this cute character eat the candies stuck on the strings. It is troublesome when sometimes there are obstacles that can cause the candy to crumble. Om Nom will be very sad and tearful if she cannot eat those delicious sweets.

Besides, you also need to collect stars to unlock new levels. Players need to calculate meticulously so that your string cuts can make the candy touch these stars. In addition, Cut The Rope also has support objects such as bubbles and air cushions. These great features serve a purpose and make your strategies more effective. It is important to vary your gameplay with multiple attempts, especially with the incredible difficulty of the higher levels. However, it is these challenges that bring endlessly interesting experiences. Flexibility in each careful analysis always leads to good results.


To cut the wires, you just need to move the mouse in a line, like a knife cutting across them. When using support objects, you just need to click on that tool.

The Game for Every Players

For players, Cut The Rope is suitable for all ages and levels. Whether you are a veteran gamer looking for a challenge or just a new player looking to enjoy a light entertainment experience, this game can meet your needs.

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