Cut The Rope Holiday Gift

Cut The Rope Holiday Gift: Let’s spread holiday cheer! Help Om Nom enjoy festive treats by solving puzzles and feeding him candy in this special edition.

Cut The Rope Holiday Gift welcomes you to the beautiful snow and ice land of Christmas. Ready to accompany Om Nom on his journey to collect delicious candies. This time, instead of the familiar round candies, you will need to "rescue" candy canes. What potential difficulties does this type of candy that symbolizes the exciting Christmas season pose? The annoying strings were trying to wrap tightly around the candy bars, making Om Nom sad. If you can't get the food, your little character will shed tears and look disappointed. Don't worry; just keep diversifying your strategies and try many times until you succeed.

The rounds in Cut The Rope Holiday Gift always have endless complexity at each level. Besides the hanging ropes, you can also see the appearance of obstacles that can cause the candy cane to crumble. In addition, the stars on the map also need to be collected to make your achievements more complete and impressive.

How To Play


Gamers hold down and move the mouse in a line across the rope to untie it. Additionally, you can click on the support object (if available) to activate it.

Tips and tricks

  • It is not always necessary to cut only one wire.
  • Understand the physical mechanics (candy canes' swaying on the string) in the game and use them creatively to bring the candy to Om Nom.
  • The appearance of supporting objects is never redundant. Find ways to use all of them for good results.
  • Play easy levels multiple times to master them and progress.

The addictive series of Cut The Rope

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