Cut The Rope Time Travel

Travel through time in Cut The Rope Time Travel! Solve puzzles, snip ropes, and feed candy to Om Nom across various historical periods!

Cut The Rope Time Travel is a journey back in time with a cute character. The famous Om Nom goes on an adventure to retrieve the deliciously trapped candies. Your task is to cut the ropes, avoid obstacles, and feed the character with candy. Each round will be a challenge, requiring meticulous analysis and sophisticated tactics. In this exciting game, you will need to complete missions with two characters: Om Nom and his ancestors.

Your goal is to conquer every level, increasing difficulty according to rank. During the round, there will be three stars and you need to collect at least one of them. Besides, both main characters need to eat to be able to move on to the next round.

The Appealing Plot

Temporarily away from the modern world, Om Nom decided to share his delicious candies with previous generations in the family. Therefore, after a period of traveling with the time machine, Om Nom was present a very long time ago. Excited to see his ancestors, he tried to give them the candy. But unfortunately, this candy is not easy to eat. And so Cut The Rope Time Travel was born, making players the ones to solve these problems.

How to Play

You just need to use the mouse to perform all operations: cut the rope, activate the air cushion, explode bubbles, and more.

The Cut The Rope Series

Besides Cut The Rope, this charming series also has Cut The Rope Holiday Gift with the same gameplay and design. Please join these challenges to have interesting experiences with diverse topics!

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