Unbox the challenge in Cubito! This captivating adventure will have you navigating cleverly solving mind-bending puzzles, and outwitting obstacles.

In the world of Cubito, true adventure begins with dazzling and endless cubes, taking players on a magical journey to collect items, overcome obstacles, and discover secrets. hidden hidden. In Cubito, players immerse themselves in a colorful and diverse world of cubes. Your goal is to collect items and overcome obstacles along the way. The pace of the round is extremely fast, so high concentration is essential to achieving impressive scores.

The world is made of simple blocks but the challenge is unbelievable. However, after each replay, the design of the main track in Cubito remains the same. This is a great feature that can help you improve your performance after many attempts at playing and memorizing. Pay attention to new obstacles to promptly adapt and avoid them.

How to Play

Cubito's gameplay focuses on the player's skill execution and reflexes. You will navigate your character to move through the platforms, avoiding gaps and obstacles, by clicking the mouse. The main entity can only move through two lanes. Each time you press the key, the character will automatically change lanes to avoid danger.

Some Games with Cubes

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