Cosmic Aviator

Cosmic Aviator

Pilot your spacecraft in Cosmic Aviator to navigate through asteroid fields and defeat alien enemies in this thrilling space adventure!

Cosmic Aviator is ready to make you dizzy in every challenging moment with its endless road. You will take on the role of an outstanding crew pilot, ready to explore distant planets and face dangerous challenges along the way. Tunnels with unpredictable barriers are waiting for you to explore and conquer the highest scores.

How To Play

Gameplay and Controls

In Cosmic Aviator, your mission is to fly your spaceship through dangerous areas of space. The map in this game is full of obstacles in many different states. You will have to pass each of these harsh segments by steering the train skillfully to avoid collisions.

Plus, you cannot manage the character's speed. Therefore, be highly focused to have the most timely and accurate improvisations. To maneuver your space ship, you just need to use the left and right arrow keys.

Strategy to Win

  • Attempt to navigate the main entity moving steadily in the terrain below. This strategy will somewhat reduce the confusion in the control keys on both sides.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, looking at obstacles from as far away as possible. Since there are some barriers that will change suddenly as the entity approaches, you'll need to try multiple times to get used to each set of these challenges.

Endless Running Gameplay

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