Welcome to the fun world of Bouncemasters, where fun-loving penguins perform crazy jumps across the ice and snow! Let’s dash through winter!

Bouncemasters features a fun-filled world of frozen lands with familiar animals. What do you think if creatures in the Arctic and Antarctic meet each other? Join this exciting arcade game to immerse yourself in breathtaking slides with the penguin. The support of the white bears will help your character have epic "flights".

Gameplay and Controls

Your goal is to make the penguin fly as far as possible. At the beginning of the game, the penguin will dive down, and you must find the right time to hit the stick and help it fly into the air. During the flight, you need to control the penguin so that it touches objects such as seals or whales so that it can bounce and continue to fly further. Besides, try to avoid ice, rocks, and water to avoid losing. You also have the opportunity to collect coins and diamonds to upgrade clubs and other support items, helping you achieve record distances.

To control the character in Bouncemasters, you just need to tap the screen at the right time to hit the stick and make the penguin fly. When the penguin flies in the air, you can touch the screen to help it bounce when it touches objects or to perform special flying moves.

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