Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip: Time your flips perfectly to land bottles upright on various surfaces and conquer challenging levels in an interesting skill game.

Bottle Flip invites you to embark on a challenge of skill and a little luck. Your goal in the game is to flip the bottle so that it rotates and lands on its right side. This requires patience and skill from you, especially in finding the right moment to release the bottle and create a moderate rotation in the right direction. You can perform Bottle Flip in any environment. You can try flipping the bottle on any surface, from a table, chair, or floor to another person. Each environment will present its own set of challenges, ranging from surface flatness to external factors. Since it's impossible to predict what will happen next, you can only try many times and try to improve after each failure.

In addition to skill, luck also plays an important role in successfully flipping the bottle. Sometimes, a lucky flip can create an exciting and special feeling. You will receive an additional five points each time you collect a diamond. You will continue to see the highest score until you surpass that record. You can use the accumulated diamonds to buy new game modes and a variety of skins for your water bottle.

Flip the Bottle

To let the entity gain momentum to jump, you press and hold. The longer you hold the key, the stronger the jump. Then just release your hand to let the water bottle take its turn. Adjusting the jumping force properly is the only thing you need to pay attention to. For more precise operations, pay attention to the distance from the contact surface.

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