Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova

Go on an adventure through the magical neon streets of Geometry FreezeNova! This stunning platform game will test your tapping skills to the limit!

Geometry FreezeNova opens up a magical neon world with epic adventure paths. You will challenge your abilities on maps full of danger. Players need to concentrate to have precise operations down to each cup. Complex obstacles can cause your character to explode and lose. Only experts can clear the entire round of this game. Are you one of them?

Geometry FreezeNova includes ten levels with increasing difficulty in the order arranged in the menu. The more difficult the rounds, the more diverse the terrain and objects players will discover. You will not need conditions to unlock these challenges. However, for new players, you should take it one at a time so as not to be overwhelmed by the game's impressive difficulty. To conquer these levels, you need to guide a cube to the end. In particular, so that your journeys are never boring, accumulate coins to unlock new characters.

How to Control

Your character will not stay in a fixed cube form but will transform when moving through special portals. For each state, you need different key adjustments to have the most accurate operations. Gamers can use the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key to participate in this stunning platform game.

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