Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator throws you into a world of relentless challenges and tricky obstacles. This fast-paced experience will push your skills to the limit.

Welcome to Bad Time Simulator, where excitement and heart-pounding suspense become one! Prepare to enter a world where your reflexes and skills will be put to the darkest test. Controlling a small heart, you will have to overcome all the dangers that appear continuously. Your path will be full of risks that can make your heart explode. Speed and flexibility are the keys to overcoming each challenge. It may take you quite a while to get used to the breakneck pace of this game.

Bad Time Simulator will immerse you in adventure, challenge yourself, and conquer all difficulties along the way. Every progress is the result of tireless efforts. You can participate in many different modes, such as normal, practice, endless, single attack, or custom attack. Each mode has different characteristics in terms of terrain design. Remember that you need to navigate the main entity, avoiding all obstacles and attacks, to conserve energy and move forward. These are the general rules of this game.

How to Play

You use the arrow keys to direct the movement of your heart. Note that with game mode errors, your objects will have their own movement properties. Try it and get used to it to create impressive scores!

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