Ape Sling

Ape Sling

In Ape Sling, you can swing, slingshot, and defy gravity! Play as your primal hero, and embark on an exciting journey through the wonderful jungle.

Ape Sling will take you on an adventure through a forest full of dangers. The player will transform into a small monkey trying to escape the water that wants to engulf the forest. Get ready for an exciting journey with unpredictable obstacles. This challenge necessitates gamers' quick improvisational ability to perform both fast and accurate control operations. You will direct your character to gain momentum and advance to high pillars. At the same time, pay attention to avoid obstacles that can cause the character to lose their life or fall down. The tide in Ape Sling will rise continuously and if you hesitate, your monkey will be swallowed by the water.

You will embark on an unlimited adventure with endless challenges. However, the map design is one feature that makes the game stimulate your spirit of progress. Your jungle adventure has constant terrain. This is a great condition to be able to try multiple times and memorize the plays to overcome the danger. Don't forget to collect coins and gems scattered along the way to unlock other characters. In addition, when you see a glowing treasure chest, click on it to receive a reward!

How to Control

Click and hold on the character, then drag the mouse in the opposite direction of the jump. The longer you pull the key, the greater your character's jumping power, but there is a limit. After the alignment is complete, you just need to release your hand to let the little monkey jump up.

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