Urban Stack

Urban Stack

Go to new heights in Urban Stack! Stack blocks strategically to build sky-scraping megastructures to test your skills and help you reach for the clouds.

Urban Stack takes you on a journey to build high-rise buildings to create your own stylish city. Enter the deserted world with projects that need to be completed; show off your absolute alignment ability. Get ready for non-stop addictive experiences with moving floors. Your task is to place these floors as accurately as possible so that they fit together. If you're not satisfied with your bet, use an almighty hammer and smash it. How to keep your buildings in the best possible state.

The challenge in this block-building game is that you need to be patient and keep trying. Maybe the first few turns will be difficult when you are not familiar with this exciting gameplay. However, as time goes on, the experiences will become more attractive and can be addictive. Each round of Urban Stack has a goal to achieve. To be able to unlock the next building, you need to complete that mission. Don't be impatient; focus on tracking the movements of the floors and pressing the keys correctly for the best results!

How to play

Start building your own city with apartments, museums, hospitals, and so on! With just a few clicks, you can complete a magnificent project. Please work carefully and meticulously to have the most perfect dream city possible!

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