Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a really awesome third-person longboard skating game. Tanuki the raccoon will be under your control as he skateboards through the sunset on narrow roadways. Tanuki must perform all jumps and drifts in order to avoid obstacles and collect items in order to score points. Tanuki's roulette meter will fill up as he earns points, allowing him to spin for more bonus points. So keep in mind to strive to accrue as many points as you can.

How To Play

Players must frequently drift, attempt to gain some altitude, and avoid hazards like oncoming vehicles. To maximize your score, keep your raccoon close to the walls and edges to get tight squeezes. As you go downhill in this third-person game, take in the breathtaking graphics and fantastic soundtrack!


  • Sliding side by side: the left and right arrows.
  • Drift: the spacebar.
  • 180 degree turning: the down arrow.

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