Superfighters is an action-packed 2D fighting game where players face off against AI foes or other players in local multiplayer. Superfighters delivers frantic gameplay and thrilling battle techniques with a variety of weaponry and destructive locations. To become the ultimate superfighter, maneuver through several stages, take advantage of your surroundings, and defeat your opponents.

How To Play

The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents before they eliminate you. Each team is represented by a different color: Team 1 is blue, Team 2 is red, Team 3 is yellow, and Team 4 is green. Characters without a team affiliation are indicated by white text.


Controls - Player 1:

  • Move left: Left arrow key
  • Move right: Right arrow key
  • Jump or aim up: Up arrow key
  • Crouch or aim down: Down arrow key
  • Deal melee damage: N
  • Shoot: M
  • Throw a grenade: ,
  • Use power-up: .

Controls - Player 2:

  • Move left: A
  • Move right: D
  • Jump or aim up: W
  • Crouch or aim down: S
  • Deal melee damage: 1
  • Shoot: 2
  • Throw a grenade: 3
  • Use power-up: 4

Tips And Tricks

  • Make good use of cover by hiding behind chest-high obstacles. Keep in mind that even when using something as cover, you can still attack and throw grenades.
  • Sometimes the best defense is a powerful offense. Close-quarters combat may even disarm the opponents and stop them from firing at you.
  • The bullet time power-up gives you an advantage over your opponents in terms of speed, making it particularly useful in close-quarters fighting.
  • Rolling on the ground can extinguish the flames if you catch fire. The same as in real life!
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